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These programs teach us how to think about our wellness in a new and different way that takes our minds from pain and illness to gratitude and action.  Whether you're in remission but left with "Medical PTSD, or still suffering from chronic illness/pain.


This program can help bring peace and joy into your life.  Chronic Illness  and Chronic Pain Anonymous (CPA) is a fellowship of men, women, and young from all walks of life who live with chronic pain and chronic illness. The members come together to share their experience, strength, and hope, and to support each other. They learn how to discover serenity and a meaningful life while living with the disabling effects of their physical health conditions.  Help exists for Pediatric Lyme and families affected by the disease.

US Support Meetings can be found here:

Charity Lyme Consults

Not sure if you have Lyme?  Talk to a retired LLMD, Dr. Ronald Wilson, with 15 years experience treating Lyme patients and explore possibilities toward healing.  This service is free to anyone who needs direction.  An evaluation of your history and labs will be given to see if they are consistent with Lyme disease. Diagnosis nor treatment will not be given, but support offered.  Email your labs and a 1 paragraph history to at least 2 days in advance to your meeting.  Consults are 30-45 minutes each.  Click the "Book Appointment" button below to schedule your zoom appointment.  We MUST stop tick-borne illness from passing on! Appointments available on Tuesdays starting back up in January.  Click the appointment button and find an available Tuesday time slot.  Dr. Wilson is a Lyme HERO and Texas favorite who've successfully treated Texans back to health!

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Lyme & disulfiram coaching: 


Feel stuck in your treatment?

Kristina Bauer, an experienced Lyme warrior who has healed her four congenital Lyme children, can help coach you on your next steps. Kristina provides guidance on how to shorten treatment and cut costs where possible. She also provides guidance on diet, lifestyle changes, and relaxation exercises. No diagnosis or treatment are provided.

The cost is $55 for a 30 minute session, $100 for an hour. 


Let a second pair of ears and eyes take a look at what you've done and where you are, to help you get to where you want to go.  Kristina offers one on one time with Lyme patients in a non medical capacity, to mentor and offer experience of what's worked for her to recover from Lyme and coinfections after 32 years misdiagnosed and treating since 2012.  She has also successfully been treating her four congenital Lyme children who are back to achieving a good quality of life.  No diagnosis, treatment, or clinic is offered.

Some patients use my support every few weeks prior to meeting with their doctor, or as a chance to dive in and untangle some confusion.  No one treatment will work for everyone, we can talk about how you're feeling, and support you along your journey.  My goal is to offer experience and support to shorten the time of treatment and cut costs where possible.  This session may include examples of diet and lifestyle changes necessary while taking medications like disulfiram, to offering a breathing and meditation class to help you assess a clearer picture of how you're feeling, and goals to envision.  Support is offered in my FB group, and here so I can better serve those in need.  The donation is for my time and effort for a first time apt, subsequent appointments or check-ins are available for 30 minute slots for 55.00.  You may donate on our website to support our mission outside of utilizing this service.  English is spoke, some Spanish.  Good luck!

​"Doing nothing, IS doing harm to patients."- Kristina Bauer

How do I find a Lyme literate specialist?

Lyme Complex is difficult to diagnose and treat to remission, there's currently no cure to date. Doctors only receive a few hours of training in medical school. Many who have success with treating the illnesses have often times had it themselves, a family member
who has, or have had many patients with the disease and chosen to specialize in this area. Here are resources to find a knowledgeable Lyme specialist, also known as a Lyme literate doctor (LLMD or LLND for a Naturopath).

  • International Lyme And Associated Disease Society (ILADS) – Doctor Search 

  • Project Lyme that Kristina helped ad resources to for patients to get help 

  • – Find Lyme-Literate Doctors

  • Lyme Disease Foundation – Doctor Referral

  • Contact Kristina Bauer for Disulfiram experienced LLMD's


Facebook groups can provide a wealth of information on doctors in your area as well as  patient support

Request to join your local Lyme association support group for local support.  Here's some of our favorites:

  • Texas Lyme Support Group

  • PANDAS Parents

  • Parents of Children with PANDAS/PANS/LYME/Tick-Borne Illness

  • Parents of kids with Lyme

  • Mother’s Against Lyme

  • Disulfiram Experience for Lyme Support Group

  • Texas Lyme Alliance Advocacy Group- for advocacy related topics

Kids education and games

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