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Texas Lyme Alliance's mission is to advocate, educate, and legislate for Congenital and Pediatric Lyme families the right to health through fundraising for a treatment for all.

Our goal is to connect resources to patients and the medical community to improve the quality of life for those we serve.

Interviews and Podcasts

Kristina has interviewed over 40 uploads with leading experts on effective treatments for Lyme disease, from Dr.'s and NP’s from Germany to the US.  Topics covered are stem cells, integrative medicine, and the treatment of Pediatric Lyme, PANS/PANDAS, Lyme Complex, and how to stay in remission.  Playlists include Activism, Villa medigruen stem cell clinic, Click which tab you prefer to learn and meet your schedule.  Podcasts are better listened to while on the go.  You can plug up your headphones and learn as you cook dinner, or listen to in the car as you drive the kiddos.   

Hear from the experts

Interviews on the next page with top Lyme specialists will help educate our medical community,  patients, and improve the understanding from families and friends.  These patients have been left behind sometimes for decades, show them your love and support and you may earn a friend for life!

  • Congenital Lyme Complex with Dr. Ron Wilson, President of Education for ILADEF

  • Kristina Bauer family’s story [called Congenital Lyme, a family perspective]

  • Financial Impacts [called Lyme month financial impact]

  • Depression and Suicidal Ideation with Dr. Bransfield [called Dr. Bransfield on using Disulfiram for Lyme, depression, and suicide prevention]

  • Persistent Lyme with Dr. Ron Wilson [Called persistent vs post Lyme treatment]

And many more!

Podcasts for on the GO learning!

Plug up on the go and learn from Lyme experts what to look for in your kid's and how to prevent Lyme to begin with!  Not all interview have been converted to audio files yet, but keep checking back and click subscribe to get notified when I do.  

Camping and playing outdoors is healthy and fun, but make sure you and your kids/pets are using prevention to not get bug bites- EVERY TIME!

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