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Neuro-optometric solutions for Tick-borne illness, with Dr. Bill Padula 12/21

Neuro-optometric solutions for Tick-borne illness, with Dr. Bill Padula 12/21

This interview discusses challenges from neurological changes that can affect vision. Visual symptoms are common with tick-borne disease, and also can be associated with head concussions. Symptoms can include: blur, visual fatigue, diplopia (double vision), headaches associated with visual activities, photophobia (light sensitivity), losing place when reading, seeing words appear to double or become double when reading, and more obscure problems often not associated with vision such as difficulty with balance, spatial orientation, memory, comprehension, feeling of being over-whelmed by being in a busy-crowded environment with movement of people and objects, sensitivity to sound, to name a few. The cause of the visual symptoms is due to the tick-borne diseases affects on visual processing in the brain. The visual processing dysfunction will affect function, performance, cognitive and balance related activity. Dr. Padula discusses that 30/35 patients tested positive based on Tick/borne biomarkers he discovered in patients eyes, then confirmed these findings in blood tests. His work is pioneering, and continues to evolve. Listen to learn tips for protecting the visual and auditory process. Disulfiram has become a popular treatment and Dr. Padula discusses it's potential impact on brain processing. Compensation can create habits and coping skills that will need to be corrected through resetting and rehabilitation of the visual process. To reach Dr. Padula's office, email or call, 800-591-1160. Physicians can take his training workshops and learn more about the impacts of tick-borne illness at Other challenges are discussed using this website, and you can email any questions to them using their website. Thank you for your joining us here and hope you find this information valuable. Share it in your groups, with your family and friends, and especially with your doctors. Please check out our website at for other interviews and our podcasts with top doctors in the field. And please subscribe to our channel and like this post if you find it helpful! Be well!
FOX 5 Special: LYME & REASON

FOX 5 Special: LYME & REASON

“LYME AND REASON: THE CAUSE AND CONSEQUENCE OF LYME DISEASE” presents an in-depth look at the cause and effect of Lyme disease, including the controversy over testing, the issues of misdiagnosis, and the personal struggles of medical professionals and patients contending with this life-changing illness. -Brian A. Fallon, MD, MPH, Director of the Center for Neuroinflammatory of the Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Research Center at Columbia University talks about the cause of Lyme disease and what you should do if you’re bitten by a tick! -Yale-trained Lyme disease expert Steven Phillips, MD, addresses the controversy surrounding Lyme disease, while Paul Mead, MD, Chief of Epidemiology and Surveillance Activity of The Bacterial Diseases Branch of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, offers the perspective from the country's lead public health agency. -Singer and songwriter Dana Parish describes how Lyme disease temporarily derailed her music career during the prime of her life, and how she is now raising awareness about this debilitating illness! -Lyme patient and advocate Susan Green of the non-profit The National Capital Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Association (NatCapLyme) talks about the burden placed on families in terms of costs for the treatment of Lyme disease! -Renowned oncologist Neil Spector, MD, shares his own personal story of his transition from doctor to patient, and how Lyme disease led to an emergency heart transplant! -Actress and TV personality Marla Maples talks about her own diagnosis of Lyme disease, and how she is encouraging other celebrities to share their stories to put the spotlight on Lyme! -Author, artist and designer Ally Hilfiger, the daughter of fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger, reflects on how Lyme disease stole her childhood, and her mind after being committed to a psychiatric hospital! -Patricia De La Mora, Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics, Weill Cornell Medical College talks about prevention and how to keep your children safe, while Lawrence Putter, MD - Medical Director Lenox Hill Veterinarians discuss pet safety when it comes to ticks! -12-year-old Julia Bruzzese shares her heartbreaking story of how Lyme disease has left her unable to walk, and how a blessing from Pope Francis on his visit to NYC last year has given her and her family hope for recovery!
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Kristina testified in Austin at the Texas state capitol to the Sunset Commission in 2016

 My testimony December 9th, 2016 before the Texas Sunset Advisory Commision reviewing the Texas Medical Board asking for help for Texas families for Lyme disease.​

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Congenital Lyme Advocacy at the CDC Rally 2018

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2016 Texas Lyme Vigil