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We host science forward events for patients, researchers and the medical communities.  Join us to build community and make change!  Get your ticket to an upcoming event, and subscribe to our newsletters under the "join us" tab!

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1 General Admission ticket $15.00 (no ticket will be mailed, just check in at door)

Following the documentary, Dr. Bruce Patterson of Incelldx will present new data on Lyme and the use of Long Hauler Index (LHI) and Severity Score (SS) to diagnose and monitor Long COVID. Most importantly, this combination of algorithms has allowed the diagnosis of Post-Treatment or Chronic Lyme disease.



New algorithms will be discussed with easy interpretation of the IncellKINE 14-plex cytokine panel for use by all physicians. A new report format will be shown that gives the probability of LC, Lyme, ME-CFS, or acute COVID during the initial visit to the Chronic COVID Treatment Center (CCTC). He will also announce that all CCTC tests can be ordered by ANY practitioner now including MD, DO, NP, and PA.

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