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Texas Lyme Alliance

Texas Lyme Alliance's mission is to advocate, educate, and legislate for Congenital and Pediatric Lyme families the right to health through fundraising for a treatment for all.

Our goal is to connect resources to patients and the medical community to improve the quality of life for those we serve.


Twenty-five percent of all infections reported to the CDC involve children ages 5-14 years of age. The 2-tier test currently being used for the clinical diagnosis and treatment of patients was originally designed for CDC surveillance purposes only. A 2005 study conducted by Bay Area Lyme Foundation found the 2-tier test missed ~60% of cases determined to be positive, as defined by the diagnostic ‘bullseye’ rash.  The number of yearly Lyme disease cases identified by a faulty test and reported to the CDC (47,600) are greatly underreported and estimated (476,000.) Specialty labs such as Igenex and Galaxy (US) or Armin Labs (Europe) are frequently used as alternatives to the 2-tier test.

Only 15% of all non profits earn the Platinum Transparency seal from GuideStar by Candid, the go to for donors to see how non profits are rated.  Texas Lyme Alliance/TXLA is proud to be in that top tier who takes transparency seriously when it comes to your donations, and being held to a high standard of excellence with reporting metrics.  TXLA was founded by Kristina Bauer, Lyme patient in remission and mother of four congenital Lyme children, also all in remission.

The Congenital/Gestational Lyme community is underserved and marginalized by the medical community, while transmission is listed on the CDC website as possible, there is no additional information for prevention or treatment.

"When something horrendous happens to you, you want to make sure it doesn't happen to another kid and family", Kristina states.  Education, advocacy and legislation is how we work together to help make sure other families get help.

Contact us at email or phone for more to set up corporate donations, fundraisers, or hosting an event!

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